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Find two sales managers with experience in logistics and customer acquisition in Europe.
We used cold search, responses and our own database. Then they organized a 6-stage selection of candidates, a portfolio competition and a security check.
We closed both vacancies in two and a half weeks.


Our client is a logistics company that specializes in urgent transportation. Offers services to customers in the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Requested to find a Freight Sales Manager, whose task is to find customers in Europe to transport cargo using shipping / airlines.

The requirements for the candidate were:
  • 2 years experience in a similar position;
  • Deep understanding and experience in sea and air, export, import operations, including transport documentation;
  • Knowledge of international rules “Incoterms”;
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills;
  • English – Advanced;
  • Willingness to travel.


Initially, the client only wanted to find a specialist with good work experience, but after conducting market research, we suggested considering students with specialized education.

The study showed a small number of candidates in the market who are open to offer, which means that headhunting must be used, which can slow down the search process. At the same time, attracting a young specialist is a quick search, a long-term motivation for a candidate, since the company has good opportunities for career growth and ambitious plans for scaling the company.

We organized high-quality job marketing, thanks to which candidates themselves found and responded. In addition, we used cold search. The combination of methods helped to fill the vacancy as efficiently as possible and in a short time.

The client highly appreciated our desire to reach the true need – as a result, the profile of candidates was changed and the focus of the search was shifted. This decision helped to better fill the need. The client also noted the ease of interaction and recommendations during interviews.

!!! Important conclusions about working with a recruiting company:

As a result of working with a recruiting company, we found the optimal solution to achieve the goal, thanks to which we accelerated the process of forming the department. Saved time, got a quality result and recommendations for working with young professionals.