our-missionOur mission

Create the best and most successful teams with a healthy atmosphere, help employees to be happy, unlock their potential and work for results.


To positively change the lives of everyone who comes into contact with our Company.


From the very beginning, our business has been based on biblical principles: honesty, helping, kindness. Our company is building a better future. Everyone is treated with honor, dignity and respect. And our policies, practices and benefits support this goal.


  • We value every employee
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Spirit of simplicity and innovation
  • Forward movement
  • Balance of professional and personal life

5 reasons to cooperate with us

  • Maximum involvement in the implementation of your goals
  • Get a reliable partner
  • See significant changes from work in the long run
  • Become a member of our closed community
  • Get the highest quality of service

About us


The team is the greatest value. We use the best HR practices of Europe and the USA to create the most favorable conditions for work, growth, and development. We believe in our people, invest in their growth, and support high motivation.

8926Own HedgeHog System

Work according to coordinated algorithms on the own Recruitment System. Developed cases, international experience and search for solutions made it possible to create the author’s HedgeHog System, as well as develop work algorithms, which allows new team members to quickly adapt, and adopt work processes.


Our corporate culture is built on family and Christian values that form honesty, transparency, and mutual respect in the working atmosphere. Our company respects personal boundaries, adheres to work-life balance, and opposes overtime work.



HedgeHog has been a stakeholder of many Ukrainian universities for several years. Among them KNU named after Taras Shevchenko, State University of Infrastructure and Technologies, Poltava University of Economics and Trade.

We help universities to update their curricula, which is why the HedgeHog team created the “Build your life, build your career” educational program. The program consists of a series of lectures on job search, peculiarities of working in international companies, etc. These lectures have already been held in some state universities. The goal of our cooperation with universities is to provide students with up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the labor market situation.

HR industry leaders from the HedgeHog company have prepared and already conducted a number of lectures for students on current topics. The lectures highlighted the most important issues related to finding a future profession and career development in an international corporation.

We are proud of our fruitful cooperation with higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Thanks to this, some graduates have already got a job and are successfully building a career, including in international logistics companies – clients of HedgeHog.


Working in HedgeHog is

The company is growing and developing rapidly, and so is the team. With us, you will have a bright start and rapid career growth: you can get a promotion within a year or two. The contribution, ideas, and achievements of each employee are highly valued. Everyone can realize themselves and achieve success here.
The company believes in you. HedgeHog always supports its specialists: it helps them to believe in themselves, cope with work tasks and shows absolute trust in them as specialists and team members.
Despite the changes in the world, the company remains an island of stability and is developing dynamically. Even during the war, you will have a job. And your income is tied to the currency and grows regularly.
Respect, honesty, support, and spirituality are not just words. These are the principles that guide us in our work every day. We are a socially responsible company and participate in charity events.
International experience
We operate in the United States, Mexico, and Europe. We work to the highest quality standards, provide wow service to our customers and become their business partner for years of work.
It is important for us to give our employees positive emotions and happiness from working at HedgeHog. We congratulate them on personal and professional holidays and regularly organize corporate events.

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