What distinguishes the
selection of professionals

Ability to quickly adapt, learn new things and constantly develop.
Possession of personal and professional qualities ideal for the position.
Demonstration of a cool result, inspiring the team and moving the business forward.

We find outstanding specialists:

  • Sales manager;
  • HR-manager;
  • Lawyer;
  • Account manager;
  • Marketer, PR-manager, brand-manager;
  • Engineer;
  • International freight forwarder;
  • Accountant.

With us you get:

Applicants 90%+ relevant

It is important for us to provide you with only those candidates who are completely suitable for you. Usually we close positions already from the second or third candidate

Saving money and time

You understand that a bad manager can cost a company dearly. It is better to avoid risks and turn to professionals from HedgeHog.

Comprehensive support

For our regular clients, for whom we select top managers, we exclusively offer HR consulting and help build processes and teams, train, evaluate work and motivate staff.

Personal manager

You are assigned a separate specialist who deeply studies your needs and development of opportunities, thanks to this – selects a candidate who will achieve your goals

Post service support

Our work does not end with the presentation of candidates: we help determine the finalist, present him with the right job-offer, and we will accompany him until the end of the probationary period and analyze the effectiveness of the work.

Open kitchen

Keep your finger on the pulse and watch the selection process interactively. You will get access to the platform and see the whole process in a convenient chart.

Multilevel quality control

We monitor the quality of our services at every stage of cooperation: from identifying needs and forming a candidate profile to supporting interviews during the trial period.

Support for your HR brand

We market vacancies, present you as a unique employer and form such offers for the sake of which the candidate you need will leave their old job and come to you.

Triple warranty:

Candidate competencies
Candidate refusal to cooperate
Candidate performance and achievement of the set KPIs
Up to 6 months

Our expertise

Successfully filling vacancies:

From highly qualified specialists to top managers. We use all available search methods and tools.

We provide an integrated approach to the selection of employees:

We identify talents, work with motivation and employee loyalty. We use the best world practices and our own international experience, adapting them to the market.

Successful experience in the following areas:

  • Logistics, foreign economic activity
  • Marketing, advertising, PR
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Finance, accounting
  • Insurance
  • Consulting, analytics, audit
  • Education
Areas we do not work with:
  • IT
  • Construction and architecture
  • Agribusiness
  • Medicine and healthcare
  • Service sector
  • Gray and shadow spheres (forex, marriage agencies etc)

We are trusted

Wallet Factory

Find a senior manager for sale with the right to work in international fin-tech companies.
We formed a pool of candidates, conducted a detailed selection of stages and selected ideal candidates.
The company gave a proposition to the promotion of two candidates.
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Wallet Factory is a fintech company that develops solutions processing around the world and helps businesses launch financial projects based on a cost-effective WaaS (Wallet-as-a-Service) model. Services and provided solutions include: mobile wallets, e-money systems, mobile POS terminals with QR/NFC functionality, customer loyalty management platforms and digital mobile gifts.

The company’s clients and partners are Visa, Mastercard, OKKO, Foxtrot, Resmi, Forward Bank, TASLink, Nova Poshta and many others.

Wallet Factory needed a Senior Sales Manager with at least 5 years of experience in international fintech companies. The main responsibility is to sell innovative solutions, mainly in the fast growing market of Latin America.

The company has identified serious requirements for the experience of the candidate:

  • Experience in international fintech companies;
  • At least 5 years of experience in B2 sales in a similar position;
  • Understanding the specifics of the IT/FinTech market;
  • American visa will be a plus;
  • English – fluent, Spanish – intermediate as an advantage;
  • Ability to work in CRM platforms: PipeDrive, Reply.io, as well as Jira programs, Confluence and remote work services.

Among the personal and professional qualities the company identified:

  • Ability to analyze and see business opportunities;
  • Focus on results and achievement of the company’s goals;
  • Sociability, flexibility and prevailing optimism;
  • Honesty and responsibility;
  • Multitasking and stress resistance;
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills;
  • Strong influence and negotiation skills to achieve results.

The client has its own HR specialist who previously attracted candidates. However, this time the company needed the help of an external provider due to the load.

Our recruiter formed a pool of candidates, after a thorough selection, presented the finalists and added a detailed description. A 2-stage selection was carried out, as a result of which a Job Offer was made for two candidates. The recruiters of the company have good experience in hunting, thanks to which they achieved the expected result.

Important conclusions about working with a recruiting company:

Having entrusted the search for a specialist to a recruiting company, they did not change the hiring plan due to the workload and achieved the planned goals.

Find the employee you need

    Search and selection of personnel

    For each business, the selection of specialists is a particularly important and responsible step. It is the right employees who determine the success of a business, build a company and take it to the market leaders. It may seem that finding an employee in Kyiv is not so difficult, but only a professional can handle this task. Therefore, the services of recruiting agencies, services for the selection of specialists are so in demand. Let’s figure out what kind of employees a business should hire.


    There are four types of employees:

    • Pioneers are energetic, motivated professionals with a non-standard approach and the ability to find a way out of any situation.
    • Guardians are stable, cautious, risk-averse employees who rely on experience and check every detail.
    • Drivers are confident, categorical employees who, seeing no obstacles, go ahead and move the common cause.
    • Integrators are diplomatic and flexible employees who value relationships and the atmosphere in the team.

    It is important not only to identify what kind of employee you need, but also to build the right communication with him. The selection of specialists is a real art, and it is created by the recruiting agency HedgeHog.

    Selection of employees. The cost of recruiting specialists.

    Many are interested in the question: how much does it cost to find a specialist, what is the cost of selection and hiring?

    The cost of recruiting agency services is set individually, during negotiations.

    Various factors affect the cost: complexity

    and recruitment methods, additional services, guarantees, specialization, experience and uniqueness of the right employee. The selection of employees, including the selection of narrow-profile and rare specialists, costs a percentage of the annual salary: from 12 to 20 percent of the salary.

    It is worth remembering that a recruiting agency gives a guarantee for its services, which in turn protects you from financial losses (direct losses and lost profits)

    and time for independent search and selection of a specialist. Successful companies understand the value of people and their role

    in the growth and prosperity of the enterprise, therefore invest

    in their employees and employ only the best specialists.

    Recruitment services

    Recruitment remains one of the most sought-after services for businesses. Recruitment services are provided by a recruiting agency. Clients are representatives of large and medium-sized businesses who are interested in the service of selecting specialists – ordinary highly qualified employees and top managers.

    To implement the service, recruiting agencies use large resources: their own connections and databases, the capabilities of partners and sites, and is engaged in job marketing. Therefore, agencies require an advance payment before starting work. Many entrepreneurs believe that it is easy to find an employee on their own, just post a vacancy on the job portal. However, in practice, few companies are satisfied with the choice and ultimately trust recruiting agencies for recruitment services.

    The selection of a specialist consists of several important steps:

    • Analysis of the company’s needs;
    • Compilation of the profile of the applicant;
    • Market research;
    • Drawing up a search strategy;
    • Vacancies marketing;
    • Forming a long list;
    • Conducting interviews with candidates;
    • Carrying out the second stages with the finalists;
    • Negotiation of conditions and signing of a job offer;
    • Employee’s start of a probationary period.