Building a personnel management system


Identifies new areas of growth


Accelerates company development


Makes departments and employees more efficient


Helps attract the best talent in the market


Prevents many issues and threats in personnel management


Helps you to take your business to the next level

We do not just implement best practices, we create a system that suits your company. The personnel management system is unique for each business and requires individual development, taking into account all the characteristics of the company.


Building a personnel management system includes:

Hiring employees, building productive teams

Are you rapidly developing and recruiting staff? Do you need to create an entire team or department? Have you lost a highly qualified employee?

 What will we do:

  • We will help you create a position profile for an employee or team
  • We will assist in making your job stand out from the rest
  • We will carry out a full multi-stage work on the search and selection of personnel
  • We will find and present the finalists, with characteristics and recommendations
  • We will arrange a meeting with you
  • We will form a convincing Job Offer
  • We will accompany the candidate until the probationary period
  • We will provide up to 6 months warranty with free replacement

What will you get:

  • Qualitative verification of the candidate’s competencies
  • Recommendations
  • Assistance in the formation of the position profile based on the goals of the company
  • Jobs marketing
  • Free warranty replacement
  • Saving time and money
Employee performance management

Often a few employees show the maximum result, while others just work. Sometimes employees don’t know the goals of the business. Performance management will allow all employees to work more efficiently and show 100% result.

What will you get:

  • New performance management rules
  • Presentation for employees – why it is needed
  • Presentation for managers – why it is needed and how to work with it
  • Performance Appraisal – a tool for fixing goals/ results, development methods and implementation instructions
Adaptation of new employees

After the decision to dismiss, the employee works less efficiently. A new employee most often does not bring income to the company in the first months. The faster the employee adapts, the faster he will start generating profit for the company.

What will you get:

  • Systematized exit preparation processes
  • Form to describe the actions of the employee on the first day
  • Adaptation plan
  • The beginner’s book is a collection of company rules and principles
  • Creation and implementation of Welcome training
  • Description of the adaptation process, tools and instructions for them
Formation of employee loyalty, motivation and involvement

Do you have high turnover in the company? Toxic atmosphere in the team, and employees work without enthusiasm? With the help of our tools you will build a strong team spirit, surround yourself with motivated efficient employees and strengthen your position

What will you get:

  • in-depth analysis of processes in the company and a detailed report
  • see weaknesses and growth opportunities
  • get recommendations, instructions for implementation
  • system tracking tools

The HR consulting service is available to our regular clients who have been working with us for two years or more.


With us you get:

The HR consulting service is available to our regular clients who have been working with us for two years or more.

  • receive-1full audit-implementation in the company;
  • receive-3development and step-by-step implementation of a unique concept;
  • receive-2support up to 3 months.

Work process


We study your request


We sign a contract and NDA


We conduct an audit (business/ segment/ HR-processes)


We develop a concept for your company


We implement it ourselves or help your HR department


Successful achievement of goals for your business


Why are we doing this?


We are service providers for more than 50 companies. This means that our tools are working successfully.


We understand that we have a very powerful “tool” in our hands, with which companies make a breakthrough in development.


We like to be a generator of new solutions because every company is unique and templates just don’t work.


Build a personnel management system to increase the efficiency of each employee and the business as a whole.

Individual effective solutions. Accompanying up to 3 months. Only for regular customers.

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    HR consulting

    Companies that care about employees use HR consulting on an ongoing basis. It’s voluminous and an extremely important service that includes various processes.

    Examples of the most important processes:

    • Building hr-processes
    • Employee performance management
    • Adaptation of new employees
    • Loyalty building
    • HR brand building
    • Formation of employee motivation and involvement

    HR consulting is gaining more and more popularity every year among medium and small enterprises that need a qualitative advantage in order to attract and retain top professionals in the market. HR consulting is used by HR specialists, managers, and company owners. This is the best opportunity for solving many managerial tasks in the field of personnel management: increasing the efficiency of employees, their motivation and development. It is important to properly implement HR consulting tools and involve only experienced professionals in this.

    HR consulting services

    HR consulting services are in great demand among successful dynamically developing companies and large enterprises with stable leading positions in the market. This can be explained by the fact that HR consulting, namely, the construction of a personnel management system, becomes the trigger that leads the company to success. Here are some of the tasks that HR consulting service can solve:

    • Deal with staff turnover;
    • Build a strong HR brand to attract the best talent in the market;
    • Increase the efficiency and involvement of each specialist and teams as a whole;
    • Increase non-financial motivation of employees and loyalty to the company;
    • It will increase the pleasure of work and the level of happiness, which will undoubtedly positively affect the quality of work;

    As you can see, HR consulting will have a positive impact on the business. If you do not have a developed HR department in your company, it is important to turn to a reliable company – a provider of HR consulting services.