Memorandum with Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Hedgehog has been a stakeholder in many Ukrainian universities for several years. Among them is Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.


The vice-rector of the University, Inna Stepanets, in her introductory speech to the participants of the event, noted:

“The HedgeHog agency is a proven partner of the University, which during 2023 has already actively participated in events and media projects developed by the Department of Employment Promotion and Work with Graduates together with employers.”


We help universities to update their curricula, so HR industry leaders from the HedgeHog company have prepared and already conducted a number of lectures for students on relevant topics. The lectures highlighted the most important issues related to finding a future profession and career development in an international corporation.

We are proud of our fruitful cooperation with the higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Thanks to this, some graduates have already got a job and are successfully building a career, including in international logistics companies – clients of HedgeHog.

The HedgeHog team also taught in career marathons. As part of the JOB EXPO online conference, regional HR manager Olga gave a lecture for students, “Candidate through the eyes of HR.”

The first career steps can be professional and deliberate. We focused on this thesis during the speech. They also answered the following questions in detail:

Also, as part of the online career festival “Global Career Days” at the Kyiv National University, a lecture was held on Time management Or how to manage everything? The speaker was the regional manager of HedgeHog, Olga.

We went beyond the already familiar theory of time management and talked with students about what will help them in the future to keep a balance between all areas of their lives. And they even did several exercises that will allow you to look at your goals from the point of view of effective planning.

Promoting the development of specialists is one of the priorities in our work. Thank you for such productive cooperation and the opportunity to share your own experience and contribute to the confidence of future specialists!

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