Military conflict in Ukraine. 7 Tips: How to Save Business and Employees

Having not yet recovered from the pandemic, Ukraine’s economy is experiencing new shocks. The reason is the threat of military conflict. The active working population seeks to wait out the danger abroad, away from the conflict zone. The business has been experiencing an acute shortage of employees for a long time.

What should a business do in such unfavorable circumstances? As a recruiting agency, let’s highlight two key tasks that should be implemented first: retain valuable personnel and hire new talent. Action plan:

Your employees are aware of the threat of military conflict and the company’s response is important to them. Tell us how the company treats the situation and how it plans to work.

If the structure of your company allows it to be implemented, offer those who wish to relocate: work from the other end of Ukraine (western regions) or abroad.

Instead of letting an employee go on vacation at your own expense, offer those who want to work remotely.

Due to company policies and ill-considered management decisions, some talented professionals could quit and start looking for work. It is important for business to notice talent and offer a place in the company.

Assess possible risks and work out different options for the development of events. For example, who will lead the team if the manager is mobilized to the army. Who to replace employees in key positions.

It should be taken into account that in wartime there may be an increase in taxes, confiscation of property and other unforeseen expenses. Create a financial reserve from which you will pay employees.

The situation in the country causes stress for many people. You should offer a corporate psychologist to work with stress, which will have a positive effect on the business in general. See here for more details on the specifics of the work of a corporate psychologist and its impact on business.

We wish us all a peaceful sky above our heads. We are sure that our advice will help to keep key employees and the stability of the company.

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Military conflict in Ukraine. 7 Tips: How to Save Business and Employees

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