How can companies transfer their business to a new market?

The war in Ukraine continues. The economy is at a standstill; business is suffering losses. It is especially important to be flexible and make extraordinary decisions in unstable times. Every problem can become a new opportunity.

Let’s think about how you can save the company, expand its capabilities, and open new horizons. The solution is simple – to transfer business to another market: with a more developed economy, high income of the population, a developed middle class, and a single economic space.

You can buy a ready-made company in the selected country or register a new one (LLC or PI) yourself. You can also open a branch of your Ukrainian company abroad.

Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UAE, and Cyprus are among the most attractive countries for doing business. These countries have relatively low corporate taxes and a flexible tax system. In addition, there is a complete absence of bureaucratic or corruption complications when opening or running a business.

Even if you are unable to leave the territory of Ukraine, you can continue working. The company can be opened and registered in the tax office online. Opening a business account is also possible remotely or through an authorized person. If you stay in Ukraine, the ideal option is to completely transfer your activities to the virtual space and continue working on the international market.

You can become a private entrepreneur in the EU if you are already abroad. This will reduce the tax burden, costs of doing business and allow receiving subsidies from the state and non-governmental organizations. It is important to have a person in a new country who will ensure business integration and employees. This is very much the case with domestic issues, which can take a long time to resolve if you are not local.

What to pay attention to when choosing a new market?

We wish your business success and prosperity!

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How can companies transfer their business to a new market?

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