Memorandum with the State University of Infrastructure and Technologies

The HedgeHog company is a State University of Infrastructure and Technologies stakeholder.

The ceremonial signing of the memorandum of cooperation took place on April 26, 2023, within the walls of SUIT. The memorandum was signed between KIWT and the HedgeHog company. Our cooperation aims to provide students with up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the labor market situation.

Working with universities and youth is one of the important directions of HedgeHog’s activity. And we are constantly engaged in its development. Now, at the official level, we will participate in the State University of Infrastructure and Technologies educational events.

The project, which once began with a series of lectures, “Build your life, build your career,” is becoming a full-fledged program of preparing young people for their first professional steps outside the university walls.

HR specialists of the HedgeHog team have prepared and already conducted a number of lectures for students on current topics. The lectures highlighted the most important issues related to finding a future profession and career development in an international corporation. Now we will cooperate for the exchange of experience and interaction in the development of students’ professional competencies.

We are proud of our fruitful cooperation with the higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Thanks to this, some graduates have already got a job and are successfully building a career, including in international logistics companies – clients of HedgeHog.

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