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We are an international recruiting company. The recruitment of specialists in international logistics occupies a special place in our activities. Over the years, we have gained the trust of our clients, including logistics companies from Europe, Mexico, and the United States. We offer candidates to work only in proven companies – stable, transparent, with strong cultures and values.

Thanks to us, hundreds of jobseekers got a chance to build a career. And besides, they mastered a new profession, practiced their English every day, discovered new areas of work in logistics, and just happily worked among the same talented, motivated people, supporting and inspiring each other.

Why you’ll love working in logistics:

Development of English and other languages

Communication and training is conducted in English. You will be able to hone your effective communication skills at work. You can also attend English classes.

Stability and confidence in the future

Work in an American company with real prospects for rapid career growth. Ensure financial stability and confidence in the future.

Professional development

The company cares about your professional development. Interesting trainings, presentations, master classes and coaching will be part of your work. You will grow as a specialist.

International experience

You will work in a multicultural team. You will immerse yourself in American culture and traditions, celebrate holidays and special events.


Most vacancies provide for a bonus part, which helps specialists not limit themselves financially.

Vocational training

The work of each specialist begins with the completion of preliminary free training, which helps to delve into the peculiarities of the profession and the specifics of work in the logistics field.

Is it possible to start without experience?

With HedgeHog, it is possible.

For an easy start, we have created a training program that will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and quickly lead to results in your work

  • You will be taught by professional coaches in English.
  • The training lasts 5-8 working days in an offline/online format.
  • You will get to know the peculiarities of customer support, the geography of the United States, and the basics of logistics.
  • We model real-life situations and introduce you to the specifics of a particular profession.
  • At the end of the course, all students take an exam.
  • After the exam, you will officially begin your journey in American logistics.
  • Training is part of the job, so it’s free for you.

Start a successful career in logistics

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After the interview, I canceled all subsequent interviews because I had no desire to look for something else. Despite the fact that the training took place in the first days of the war, the system was set up very quickly. I really like the fact that I have the opportunity to improve my English. I am most proud of the fact that I can now understand almost all accents. I was very surprised by the “Care Package” and online team building. In difficult times, it is these small pleasantries from the employer that inspire and give strength to move on.
Freight Coordination Manager
From the very beginning, I was haunted by the phrase “I can’t believe it”. The company still surprises me with the quality of the conditions provided for work. My journey began with communication with real professionals – HedgeHog’s HR managers. And only then did I find myself in a hardworking, friendly team of a logistics company, where the manager is a wise mentor and associate. The opportunity to touch another world of Western values and communicate with native speakers on a daily basis is also worth a lot. The company does not forget about support, even in difficult times, so in the future I have plans to grow professionally in a place that creates all the conditions for this.
HR Assistant
It is very cool that the team plays a big role in the work. Even in the most difficult situation, you will be helped with advice or a possible solution to the problem. During my work, I managed to improve my effective communication skills. It was also quite unexpected to learn about the frantic pace of the company’s development, because it does not stand still and gives you the opportunity to develop by conducting various trainings and courses.
Logistics manager
I was looking for a job in a new industry and after the interview I realized that I had to try it. I was very impressed with the comfortable atmosphere during the training and English lessons with a native speaker. A professional approach to all issues: from the interview to the organization of the workplace. Work and payment during the martial law in the country helped me to feel needed and not to give up.
HR-manager USA
During the interview, I was a little worried about my future profession, but as it turned out, in vain! Already during my studies, I realized that interesting and ambitious people are involved in the logistics business. Working for an international company, you gain invaluable experience in multicultural communication and a lot of vivid impressions. And working together brings people together, and slowly the office turns into a favorite place where you always come in a good mood.
A cool atmosphere created by cheerful and outstanding people. The company’s support during the pandemic and war is especially nice. During my work, I have improved my communication skills, learned a lot about the mentality and cultures of other countries, and better understood the logistics business in general.
Customer support
After the interview, all my expectations were confirmed, everything was as the HR manager said. And somewhere even better. In the first weeks, you absorb a lot of new information, plus you communicate with native speakers, which allows you to feel the improvement of your spoken language.
The first month is the period when you can fully rely on your team leader, and this helps you to get into the work. The whole team tries to work for results, which is why we have a cool atmosphere.
I also didn’t expect to have a tennis table in the office, which is a great way for me to distract myself.
Very friendly team that will always lend you a hand. The company  has a free speaking club, so you can increase your English level and a school, which will give the necessary knowledge to those who have no experience at working in logistics.

7 steps to your dream job

Send your resume
The recruiter will contact you by phone as soon as he/she is ready to offer you a vacancy
The first stage of the interview with the recruiter
The second stage of the interview with the team manager, the customer’s company
Attend the Welcome Day and meet the future team to make a final decision
Take a free professional training and pass the exam *For some positions, training is not provided
Start working in the Company and conquer career heights

Our clients

It is an international logistics company operating in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Superior Transportation Inc provides customized freight transportation that fully serves the needs of business customers. The company specializes in express delivery and overnight shipping to ensure reliability and timeliness.
Ontrack Transportation Inc is an American logistics company and a reliable business partner. Provides complex solutions, helps to organize own import-export line. The company also offers efficient customized logistics services and guarantees timely delivery of goods throughout North America.
Echo Express Inc. is an American transport company with a fundamentally new approach to freight transportation. Guarantees customers fast and reliable delivery of goods in the USA and Canada. The company’s fleet consists of only small trucks and no trucks with trailers. The company has a conscious approach to ecology and limits the emission of harmful substances.


Do you only hire for logistics companies?

We are a recruiting agency and our customer can be a company from any field and country. But for several years, we have developed strong cooperation with a number of logistics companies, to which we provide recruitment services on an ongoing basis. We managed to make sure of the reliability of these companies and their cooperation offer for candidates.

You are a recruitment agency, so I have to pay you for your services helping me find a job?

Candidates do not have to pay anything. Our customer is a company that pays for the services of searching and hiring specialists.

How long does it take to go through all the stages from the first contact to receive the offer?

We try to organize everything as quickly as possible, and on average the process takes from 7 to 14 days. The duration depends on you, as well as on the client company, the speed of their communication and external factors.

Why some positions have night working hours?

Our clients are companies working with the American market, working according to the active time of the USA. Working hours (Mon-Fri 3 PM—1 AM) are especially convenient for students, because it is easy to combine work with studies or solving personal problems when all the necessary institutions are working.

Why is it necessary to register as an PI(ФОП) of the 3rd group?

You will cooperate with the American logistics company, whose head office is located in the USA, and you will receive income from here. Cooperation through the registration of an PI and signing of a foreign economic contract is a legal way of cooperation chosen by the company. You receive income from abroad, while paying taxes to Ukraine, supporting the country’s economy. You will have free accountant support from the company at the stage of creation and management of the PI.

Why are most of the positions require office work? What if I want to work remotely?

Each vacancy and offer of cooperation should be considered separately. But if the vacancy says “Work in the office”, then this is a requirement of the client company. In this way, the company can provide its teams with a comfortable place to work: the necessary equipment, uninterrupted light and Internet, a rest area, tea, coffee and everything necessary.

Do I need to have my own equipment to do the job?

No, all necessary equipment is provided at the workplace.

How should I prepare for an interview with a company representative to feel calm and confident?

Since the interview with the Manager is usually held in English, we recommend that you first prepare a short story in English about yourself: your hobbies, education, work experience, achievements. We also recommend you to prepare questions for the Manager regarding the nuances of the work process – this will show your interest. Be confident and feel free to ask anything that interests you.

Is there an income review in the company?

Yes, the company provides an opportunity for financial development. Initiative, development and responsibility will be reflected in your financial situation. In addition, in the event of additional or extremely difficult tasks, the company can provide financial incentives.

When I start working within the team, will I be helped and answered?

Yes, of course. First, you undergo corporate training at a business school, where you get all the necessary knowledge in the field of transport logistics to start working. After joining the team, you will be helped by a team leader – this person will spend at least a month adapting you to the company and the team, answering all your questions and explaining work points. In the future, you can also turn to him or your teammates for help at any time.

What career growth opportunities does the company provide?

The company is focused on development and self-improvement. Therefore, you have the opportunity to grow as a specialist in your position: improving your skills, increasing your results, opening new areas of business development. There is also the possibility of moving up the career ladder: participating in new projects, showing initiative and high quality of work — the company will definitely notice you and itself will offer possible positions for which you can apply.

Does the Company have a dress code?

Yes, the clothing style is business casual.

If my position requires partial work from home due to the hybrid format, and I do not have stable Internet or frequent power outages, what should I do?

Working remotely requires an uninterrupted Internet connection. Team managers understand the current situation and offer various options for its solution. Everything is decided with the Manager individually.

If I don’t suit you, will you give me feedback?

Yes, of course. Our recruiters always provide feedback to Candidates, whether the response is positive or negative.

Who is your ideal candidate?

This is a candidate who is ready to develop, learn, open to new experiences. Adequately evaluates himself, knows how to work in a team and focus on joint and personal success. A person who has dreams, goals and is ready to realize them. An empathetic, open personality looking for quality long-term working relationships, whose values are people and self-improvement.

Are you ready for an incredible change for the better and the start of a brilliant career? Send your CV