We are looking for <br>HR specialists

We are looking for
HR specialists

We are the new generation international recruiting agency HedgeHog. Develop with us! Become a part of our team

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    We are looking for HR-specialists in such cities

    We are growing rapidly, conquering new heights, developing and have already opened 11 offices throughout Ukraine.

    Start a successful career at HedgeHog

    • We focus on global standards for the organization of work processes. Where people and their professional development come first. We cooperate only with proven companies: Ukrainian and international. The lion's share of our clients are logistics companies from the USA, Mexico and Europe.
    • Recruiter

      Exciting and promising job with at least 1 year experience
      What will you be doing?
      • Post vacancies on various resources.
      • Screening resumes.
      • Select the most suitable applicants.
      • Conduct phone interviews and invite interviews.
      • Describe the candidates at the initial stage.
    • HR-manager

      Soul of the team and HR expert with over a year of experience
      What will you be doing?
      • Conduct a full recruitment cycle.
      • Adapt new employees, maintain a positive atmosphere in the team, increase loyalty.
      • Conduct employee satisfaction and motivation assessments.
      • Form and maintain a personnel reserve.
      • Build HR processes.
      • Participate in other HR projects.
    • Headhunter

      An expert who loves challenging tasks
      What will you be doing?
      • Create a candidate search strategy.
      • Conduct negotiations with candidates.
      • Gather references and write testimonials for candidates.
      • Present candidates to employers.
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    About us

    icon Values
    Employees are the greatest value for us. We use the best HR practices in Europe and the USA to create the most favorable conditions for work, growth and development. We believe in our employees, invest in their growth and keep them highly motivated. We have happy people.
    icon Training
    With us you will have personal and professional growth. We have developed a corporate training system and constantly conduct trainings and English classes for our specialists.
    icon Corporate culture
    Our corporate culture is built on family and Christian values that form honesty, transparency and mutual respect in the working atmosphere. Our company respects personal boundaries, adheres to work-life balance and opposes overtime work.
    career with us corporate university

    Corporate University

    We have created a new generation HedgeHog Corporate University. We used LMS (Learning Management system), and launched a unique product that, in the form of coaching, conveys to employees the most up-to-date, valuable and practical knowledge. Each employee receives a mentor who accompanies him at every stage so that the training is easy and understandable. Corporate University offers dozens of training programs for HR professionals HedgeHog.

    • Training for new employees ensures the most comfortable entry into the position and adaptation in a new place.
    • Training for permanent employees allows you to develop, gain new knowledge and constantly improve your expertise.

    Beсome a part of the team

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    Working in HedgeHog is

    The company is rapidly growing and developing, and with it - the staff. We are waiting for a bright start and rapid career growth: in a year or two you can get a promotion. The contribution, ideas, and achievements of each employee are highly valued. Here everyone can realize themselves and achieve success.
    The company believes in you. At every stage of work, Hedgehog supports its employees: it helps them to believe in themselves, to cope with working tasks and expresses absolute trust as a specialist and a member of the team.
    Despite external changes in the world, the company remains an island of stability and is developing rapidly. Even in lockdown you will have a job. And your income is tied to the currency and grows regularly.
    Respect, honesty, support, spirituality are not just words. These are the principles that guide us in our work every day. We are a socially responsible company, we participate in charity events.
    International experience
    We operate in the USA, Mexico and European countries. We work according to the highest quality standards, provide customers with wow-service and become their business partner for years of work.
    It is important for us to give employees positive emotions and happiness from work at HedgeHog. Every day is a holiday. We congratulate you on personal, professional holidays and regularly organize corporate events.
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    And besides, it's…

    And besides, it's…
    • Сorporate psychologist
    • Gifts for the holidays
    • Health Insurance after a year of work in the company
    • Fruit on Wednesdays
    • English lessons at the expense of the company
    • Team building every quarter
    • Company sponsored training
    • Regular salary review
    • Ecological and friendly environment

    Our employee's stories

    Our employee's stories
    Head of Recruitment/ Project Manager
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